Supply Chain Management with Integrated Logistics

360-degree visibility across your entire supply chain network.
Monitor the status of all activities across all suppliers, production plants, storage facilities, and distribution centers.

Cost Control

Smooth planning and execution of operations to achieve long-term profitability and maintain a solid competitive edge.

Minimized Delays

All activities can be seamlessly coordinated and executed from start to finish, ensuring much higher levels of on-time delivery across the board.

Quality Control

Enforce tight controls with part sampling results tracking, expiration date management and enforcement and RMA thresholds.

Enhanced Collaboration

Know exactly what your suppliers and distributors are doing at all times – and vice versa, dramatically improving collaboration among your entire supply chain.

Improve Customer Service

On time deliveries, sufficient product on-hand and ability to fill demand keeps customers happy (and stops them from looking elsewhere).

Accurate Forecasting & Planning

Accurately anticipate customer demand and plan procurement and production processes accordingly.

Supply chains cannot tolerate even 24 hours of disruption. So if you lose your place in the supply chain because of wild behavior you could lose a lot. It would be like pouring cement down one of your oil wells. Thomas Friedman

Feature Details

Purchasing & Vendor Management

Purchasing and vendor management is streamlined within K9ERP to reduce excess spending on goods and services, streamline procurement and payment processes and enforce compliance with internal policies.
Employees can enter and manage purchase orders with different levels of decision-making authority and management has complete oversight and final approval of all transactions. The purchasing manager has a real-time view of all open or pending sales orders and/or requirements for finished goods that create the need for purchase requisitions.

Inventory Management

Inventory controls are a key component to successful business management. With K9ERP software package, inventory management is tightly managed and controlled. This integrated component allows sales to view in real time what inventory is on hand to effectively close deals.
Warehouse managers and sales managers can oversee every item in stock, every shipment in transit and every potential order in the pipeline. Tight controls can be enforced and maintained on inventory replenishment, minimizing excess stock and ensuring timely order fulfillment.

Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

K9ERP’s MRP module determines material requirements (raw materials for production and purchased items bought by customers) based on sales orders, open work orders, or frequency of demand.
Needs for parts are calculated using the integrated material requirements planning (MRP) module. Purchase requirements for parts that are acquired on a regular basis, such as supplies or goods produced for stock, are calculated based on fixed user-determined requirements.

Production Management

K9ERP production control and management software streamlines all aspects of production, from work orders, scheduling, to the issuing of materials to the production floor (including kits), the reporting of completed jobs and the management of inventory on the floor or for work in progress. K9ERP knows no two company's processes are the same which is why K9ERP accommodates single or variable combinations of make to order (MTO), configure to order (CTO), engineer to order (ETO), and make to stock (MTS).

Delivery Scheduling

The Delivery Scheduling module enables you to plan the delivery of goods to customers by assigning distribution routes and delivery dates to sales orders. Using K9ERP’s built-in automatic scheduling functions or scheduling deliveries manually, business can plan and manage the delivery of goods to customers by assigning distribution routes and delivery dates to sales orders.

Scheduling deliveries assigns a delivery to a sales order based on its due date, the distribution route, the days of the week the customer accepts deliveries, and the customer’s hours of operation.

Delivery Pick List reports can be generated automatically, displaying all sales orders scheduled for delivery, sorted by distribution route and date - useful for company drivers as they manage distribution to customers.

Multi-company Transactions

Multi-company or multi-location organizations can manage their supply chain efficiently with K9ERP’s tools to create, settle and reconcile intercompany transactions. K9ERP’s cloud-based technology allows organizations to effectively manage communications between companies whether they are on the same server or on different ones.

The K9ERP Advantage: Supply Chain Management with Integrated Logistics

Supply Chain Management within K9ERP provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of tools that integrate supply chain management across the whole organization, creating a reduction in overall time and costs associated with supplying goods and services to your customers.

K9ERP streamlines your organization’s processes and procedures, reducing overall supply delivery times, helping your business attend to your customers’ needs more effectively and efficiently. All components within the supply chain process are managed with K9ERP’s seamless, integrated system; from purchasing and inventory management to production, quality control and delivery.

Do you know the status of all activities across all suppliers, production plants, storage facilities, and distribution centers? You will with K9ERP.