Inventory Management with K9ERP Software

Tight inventory controls are a key component to successful business management.

K9ERP features full inventory control systems, integrated with your financials for complete oversight.

Instant Accounting

All inventory movements are automatically updated, reported and integrated directly into K9ERP's accounting modules.

View 24/7, 365 days, worldwide

Real time knowledge of inventory, shipments, assemblies...everything happening with your products.

Unlimited Warehouse Options

Oversee multiple physical warehouses or set-up virtual warehouses based on the inventory on-hand at your vendors or other locations.

Tight Location Controls

Know exactly where each item is within your warehouse or storage facility. Zones, bins, shelves, rows... however you classify, K9ERP will track each element.

Lot and Serial Numbers

Track products by lot and/or serial number. Tracking can be assigned to items in the warehouse or only on shipments or receipts.

Flexible Controls

Define stock or warehouse codes by kits, lots, warehouses or any structure your organization requires.

Details create the big picture. Sanford I. Weill

Feature Details

Financial Integration

Every change to on-hand inventory is logged and inventory transactions are valued automatically. Whether your company uses LIFO, FIFO, Standard Cost, Replacement Cost or Average Cost valuation methods, every transaction updates the appropriate general ledger accounts. All warehouse activities are automatically reported and integrated directly into K9ERP's accounting modules.

anytime, Anywhere Visibility

Executives and warehouse managers need real-time visibility into current inventory status and projected future status. With K9ERP, executives, managers, sales representatives, suppliers and any other authorized personnel can view real-time information from any web-browser for informed decisions.

Easy Inventory Tracking

Control an unlimited number of physical warehouses or set-up virtual warehouses based on the inventory on-hand at your suppliers. Location-level controls allow for complete management oversight of inventory whether it is on-site at a company warehouse or held at a supplier.

Lot and Serial Numbers

Products can be tracked by lot and/or serial number. Tracking can be assigned to items in the warehouse or only on shipments or receipts. Manage date-controlled items automatically, ensuring pick and replenishment processes are determined by expiration dates (first expiration, first out). Our lifecycle management capability flags lots that are approaching their expiration date for immediate attention.

Location & Zone Controls

Warehouses divided into locations still have available extensive controls including single lot, single product, dedicated product and dedicated unit. Storage types (such as refrigerated, climate-controlled or advanced security) can also be associated with a zone or location. Compatibility between products and zone or location is automatically validated by the stock locator to insure all inventory is handled properly.

Custom Codes

Stock or warehouse codes can be defined by each organization for any inventory item, lot or kit to determine how the inventory is handled. Items can be coded for sale availability, ship availability, ownership status, insurance values, assigned to third parties or an unlimited number of internal codes needed by your organization.

Custom Reporting

Create documents and reports that are meaningful to your company. From color and font to intricate data points, everything can be customized.

The K9ERP Advantage: Advanced Inventory Control

K9ERP offers its own integrated Inventory Control module, eliminating the need for additional third-party software.

The Inventory Control module is integrated within K9ERP which allows an organization to organize inventory with ease and streamline the inventory process.

The K9ERP Inventory Control module keeps all processes in the same linear workflow. Re-orders, sales, re-stocking, payments, and suppliers are all integrated for maximum efficiency.

Managers can evaluate inventory needs and management processes efficiently.

  • Product catalog (and images) management
  • Bills of Materials (BOM), kits and assemblies
  • Multi-dimensional part parameters and multi-unit of measure
  • Lot and serial number tracking and management
  • Inventory transactions
  • Warehouses and location/shelf control
  • Inventory counts and journaling of inventory adjustments
  • Reorder levels and replenishment
  • Costing (FIFO, LIFO, moving average...), COGS
  • Packaging
  • Connectivity to bar codes and remote (RF handheld) devices
  • Inventory control and management dashboards and analytics
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)

The K9ERP software solution provides a full inventory management solution that integrates in real time with every other department in the organization.