What is K9ERP?

  • Accounting
  • Inventory Control
  • CRM
  • Workflow
  • Materials Resource Planning (MRP)
  • Advanced Report Generators

K9ERP Benefits

  • Affordable for any size business
  • You Choose: Cloud or on-premise Solution
  • Unlimited, Custom Reports
  • Advanced Picking with Staging Area
  • Part Generator with Advanced Matrix Capabilities
  • COGS - Standard or Perpetual

The K9 Advantage

  • What We Do
  • Who We Are
  • How We Help

K9ERP was created to help small businesses and medium-sized businesses get the level of software they need to be successful without having to spend outrageous amounts of money or undergo a major installation or work disruption. K9ERP was created out of frustration. We had so many small business customers and potential small business customers come to us looking for a recommendation for a software to run their business. When we met with them, we discovered they were too complex for the basic accounting software packages that were out there (like Quickbooks), but nowhere near needing a large enterprise ERP system. From there, the idea for K9ERP was born.

Our team is made up of professionals with extensive experience in programming, development, ERP software systems, accounting and general business management. We have channeled that expertise into a team focused on creating the most effective business management software with accounting that can help any business grow and succeed.

K9ERP was designed to truly fit any business - from small business and up. A small business can use just the features they need now and as they grow, expand into the other features as they need them. K9ERP software provides a full accounting software package with all the other modules that make it a complete business management software for any size business.

User Friendly

With K9ERP it's easy to get started and easy to use. Everyone in your business will see the benefits immediately.


Full Features

K9ERP has what QuickBooks doesn't. Enterprise ERP features, affordable for small businesses.


Unlimited Reports

If you need it, you can build it with K9ERP. Create, Generate and Save any custom report using whatever data you choose.



Custom Reports Advanced Reporting
Reports, Financials, Business Intelligence
K9 level security in an ERP software K9 Level Security
Data Security
BPM, Workflow
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K9ERP increases efficiency and productivity

All departments are seamlessly connected and up-to-date with live, real-time data.