Let a K9 Guard your Confidential Data

K9ERP meets the industry's highest security standards - like having your own internal K9 Unit.
Security and data integrity are impenetrable in K9ERP. Breaking in is not an option.

K9ERP protects your confidential information at the highest level
Your ERP/Accounting software contains every detail of your financials. Full protection is the only option.

Data Encryption

The signature on the security tokens prevents tampering and encryption adds a deep level security.

User Rights

Assign system component access by the user, department or division - grant access to only the necessary modules/data.

on-premise or Cloud options

Choose to use our hosted solution via our dedicated cloud providers or host everything on site at your location.

Distrust and caution are the parents of security. Benjamin Franklin

When the "bad guys" try to break into your software, make sure there is a K9 there waiting to counter-attack.