K9ERP: Created for the small business with big plans

Robust enough to handle any size business and designed to easily scale with a business as it grows.

K9ERP allows companies to view all aspects of their business in one central system.
Full ERP, Financials, CRM, Workflow (BI), Sales and Warehouse Management are just a few of the elements included in K9ERP’s comprehensive business management system.

grow business from small to large with K9ERP
Grow with the confidence your business management software can and will grow with you.

Every organization has the same core needs - to manage current business and facilitate continual scaled growth while maintaining complete organizational oversight.

  • Small Business
  • Medium Size Business
  • Enterprise
  • Not-for-Profit
  • Start Up
K9ERP for Small Business

Small business owners work as hard as the management team of Fortune 500 companies - they deserve the same tools. K9ERP is an affordable, easy to implement, full business management solution.

K9ERP offers small businesses a complete ERP, accounting and business management solution at a price that fits any budget. Increased efficiency creates increased profits, reduced costs and top-quality customer services.

No matter how small the company, executives need to manage everything that happens within the organization. K9ERP offers a comprehensive business management solution that allows anytime, anywhere oversight, enables employees to communicate effortlessly by creating one seamless workflow, with accurate, real-time financial data for solid, fact-based, business decisions.

K9ERP for Medium Size Business

Mid-sized businesses are often faced with a technology conundrum - too big for basic software yet not big enough to need a high-priced big-box solution.

K9ERP provides all the additional features medium-sized businesses need to succeed today and scale for tomorrow's growth. Production management, multi-warehouse controls, shipping/logistics management, full financials with complete general ledger, CRM, workflow management/ business intelligence custom reporting, quality control and much more. K9ERP provides everything a business needs to maximize profitability and achieve full management oversight.

K9ERP for Enterprise Business

K9ERP has the ability to answer the unique challenges large corporations face, even those that operate in a multi-company, multi-location and/or multi-currency environment. Entirely cloud-based, K9ERP enables new locations, companies or subsidiaries to be added with ease as needed. Thanks to the flexibility of the system, organizations can retain a high level of independence for each company, division or location yet still maintain complete control over the corporation as a whole.

Sales, General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Invoicing, Vendor Payments and all other modules that impact your bottom line are interconnected, providing a real-time "video" of your organization. As changes are made, updates happen instantaneously across the entire corporation, creating a fluid, ongoing window into what is happening NOW.

K9ERP for Non-Profit Organizations

Not-for-profit organizations must operate within strict standards and procedures outlined by the government in order to maintain their non-profit status. K9ERP allows organizations to easily implement the required standards across the organization and insure compliance with these operational procedures. Controls are put in place to effectively manage all departments and assure management that corners are not cut in any project, report or, most importantly, any action that impacts financials.

K9ERP provides the technological infrastructure to implement, manage and maintain a compliant operational structure and business operations.

K9ERP for Start Ups

Just because your business is new, that does not mean it shouldn't be under control. K9ERP offers start-up companies the ability to use the system at the level they need now, then scale as they grow. K9ERP allows start-up companies to get off on the right organizational "foot".

For small business people, less paperwork means higher profits, boosted sales and more time with the family.
Tony Abbott