CRM & Sales Management

Manage all of your clients, contacts and potential customers in one place.
View deep insights into each company across all departments and sales cycles.


See all potential, current and stalled clients and easily identify those that need attention.


View your company's sales pipeline - see where each client is in the funnel and who may need extra help to close.

Zoom In On Anything

Check on sales team members, products, projections - anything that you need to identify centers of gravity.

Custom Dashboards

Create the perfect visual snapshot of your company for quick insights into goals metrics, sales data and activities.

Real-time Analytics

View, live, what is going on in your company as it happens. Eliminate missed opportunities.

Accurate Forecasting

Slice and dice opportunities by region, timeline, sales rep, product line, quantity, and other dimensions.

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile. Roger Staubach

CRM/ Sales Feature Details

Executive Sales Forecasts

Executives need visibility into the future, so they can set sales objectives (quotas) and incentives, analyze sales results to commensurate compensation and learn from actual performance to make improvements. With K9ERP, executives receive real-time information and have the analytical tools needed to build forecasts out of historical data and structure an effective compensation plan.

Forecast Analysis

Slice and dice sales pipeline opportunities by region, timeline, sales rep, product line, quantity, and other dimensions. Roll up data to generate aggregate reports across dimensions (product, region, sales team and more), or drill down to the details that comprise the aggregates.

Marketing Campaigns

Create, manage and measure marketing campaigns to your entire customer base, potential customers or any selected market segment. Accurately measure results with tangible sales data, recorded in real time within one connected system. See which campaigns generated interest, contacts and, most importantly, drove sales.

Dashboards, Reports and Charts

Customize and create charts, reports and dashboards using K9ERP's custom wizards. Home pages can be configured by user with preferred dashboards to fit their job role and responsibilities. Using our integrated Business Intelligence (BI) tools, retrieve and perform analysis on data in any module of the system.

Account Management

View a real-time picture of every customer, including contacts and roles, tasks, sales opportunities, price quotes, order backlog, shipments, invoices, payments, aging receivables and everything else that applies to the customer, all accessible through a consolidated account view. Each account is managed within one system by all departments that contact or provide services to the customer directly or indirectly. All activities are logged and easily accessible, in real time, by management.

Lead Management

Define lead qualification parameters, assign leads to the right sales reps, keep track of lead-to-customer progress, manage communications using K9ERP's integrated Business Process Management (BPM) module.

Custom View: Sales, Activities and Futures

Marketing and sales force automation within K9ERP provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of tools that manage sales representatives, pipelines and channels while automating marketing efforts.

K9ERP includes full customer lifecycle management, starting with lead generation, through creating a price quote, sales order placement, order shipment, payment receipt, on-going service calls and repeat orders.

With K9ERP’s built-in CRM tools, managers can track sales performance and order management utilizing a whole suite of customer-related information – financial, logistical and operational – and the ability to drill down directly to the K9ERP modules from which the raw data is obtained.

Know, without a doubt, the sales results and daily activities of your entire sales team.